Kjuge Boulder Meet

Årets boulderingträff vid Kjugekull!

Come to Kjuge and enjoy some crisp autumn climbing on the blocks in Skåne's finest boulder spot! Skåne Climbing Club welcomes climbers from all over Sweden to the annual gathering in Skåne.

Friday September 20rd to Sunday 22th

18:00 Friday September 20 - for those who want to come and sleep over to Saturday morning, otherwise gather in the field at Kjugekull on Saturday morning.
Map; https://goo.gl/maps/4KDErfgJ7532

10:00 Saturday 22th:
We meet in the parking lot of Kjuge. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/NfpWTyEH4KC2
Some info will be provided for those who want and don't have guidebooks. We climb and have fun all day.

18:00 Saturday: BBQ, games and party in Sjölyckegården. We provide potato-salad, salad and snacks, and light the barbeques for all. Bring something to put on it yourself, and whatever you want to drink.

10:00 Sunday 23th:
We clear out the house, everyone helps out with the cleaning, it's usually really fast and easy. Then everyone climbs for as long as they have skin left!

Other Information:
You can sleep indoors on the floor, but if you want some privacy (or don't want to listen to many people snoring right beside you), we recommend that you bring a tent and camp behind the house, it can get crowded on the floor in the cabin, there are no beds available. There is plenty of camping space available.

Please note that we cannot camp on the football field!

In the main building there is a kitchen and fridge. Bring your own breakfast and lunch for both days.

Toilets, showers and sauna are available. You can also go swimming, there is a lake with a swimming area next to the courtyard. Bring your swimsuit and towel!

Accommodation is free! It is expected that everyone helps out and helps to keep the area tidy, clean up after yourself, leave everything in good condition, throw away your garbage in the correct containers, no littering on Kjugekull and help create a great climbing atmosphere.

Sjölyckegården (Free accommodation) address:
Sjölyckevägen 1
290 34 Fjälkinge

Questions? Contact t.biermann@gmx.de

/Skånes Klätterklubb


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