The club will be closed during the holidays - Sunday 17/12 will be the last open day 

It is now soon time for holidays which mean that the climbing club will be closed for a while.

The last open day will be on Sunday 17/12 and then we’ll start with all activities again from January 8th. Saturday’s “try-climbing” has already had its last time this semester and the last family climbing for this year will be the 17/12.

In the meanwhile check out our Facebook forum: Skånes Klätterklubbs medlemsforum:
Here we post if someone keeps the club open for members during the holidays.

Also remember that the club will arrange the district championships (DM) 14th of January! More info here: We are alos looking for volunteers to this event, check it out here:

And an awesome ice climbing trip is coming up in February - more info soon to come! :-)

If you are keen on volunteering at SKK next semester [then you’ll get a key to the club, go to staff dinners, get team building money, get your training card paid for] e-mail me, Lise Johnsson, Staff Responsible, at:

Have a great holiday and see you guys next semester! 


Lise Johnsson

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