Club opens up!

From August 28th the club will open as usual

From week 35 - 28th of August - the climbing club will open up as usual (exception Tuesday during daytime). The first Saturdays “Try Climbing” and Sundays “Family Climbing” will continue, starting up 2nd and 3rd of September. So come and climb / train the body parts that’s not injured / come to our yoga sessions / rehab / hang out and drink coffee (that you brought with you, we don’t have a coffee machine) - It is time to get stronk! And don’t miss our two events:

- A full day with SKK at Kullaberg 16/9.
- Kjuge Boulder Meet 22/9-24/9.

Read more about the events here on the website our at the events on facebook!

Hope you all had a great summer! :-)


Lise Johnsson

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