Summer hours

Summer is coming up so the club will soon take a little summer break!

The club will be open as normal during week 22, with Thursday and Friday evening as exception, then it is closed.

During week 23 we will have limited hours so keep an eye on the hours on the website or at our Facebook-forum:

Last family-climbing, "Familjeklättring" will be held Sunday the 11th of June and last try-climbing "Prova-på-klättring" will be held 10th of June.

During the summers can occasionally nice staff members keep the club open for SKK members as well! :-) So keep an eye at the forum! AND we will do some repainting and other fix the club during the summer so it looks nice in the fall!

We open up again at the end of August. Have a great summer and climb safely! :-)


Lise Johnsson

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