Hear are the results from the competition

Here are the results from Sunday's competition. They will be presented in the final order of the finale performance by their names will score as they scraped together during qualifying.
Wonmen: #1 Linnéa 44 p #2 Johanna 24 and #3 Lucina 20 p
Men esay: #1 Tobias 20 p and #2 Daniel 16 p
Men medium: #1 Johannes 46 p #2 Niklas 46 p #3 Flavius 44 p and Behzod 36 p
Men Hard: #1 Vahid 95 p #2 Braydon 61 p and #3 Jonas 58 p
And best problem built goes to Simon Andersson and it is the big orange holds on the overhang in the "new" section.


Jonas Andersson

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