Girls climbing sessions

Climbing sessions for our female members in MKK, SKK and HKK

The summer has come to an end, marked by the opening of our climbing venues once more.

This autumn we will run climbing sessions for our female members (MKK, SKK and HKK). As new of this year will be themes for each session, noting too advanced but a little more structure.

Schedule for now (will be updated during the week):

11/9: Lund - 16:30 - 18:00. An introduction to problem building and bouldering. 10 min core work out.
18/9: Malmö. Theme to be announced.
24-26/9: Kjuge boulder meet at Kjugekull. Focus: Mantels and spotting. Be there!
2/10: Malmö. Theme to be announced.
9/10: To be announced.

As time is scares we advise you to be on time or a little early for the sessions.

Lets get this semester started!


Lise Johnsson

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