Trip to Fontainebleau

It's time! the annual trip to Fontainebleau is at the door.

Since the response for the trip to Fontainebleau was way higher then anticipated we've decided to add one extra car to the trip. that's, five more seats and also about what the place we're renting can house. the price will be a tad lower as we add people, rest is as declared earlier; wine, cheese and sun!

The number of spots will be increased on the existing event at Thursday 23:00

At 00:05 the 23/1 the the 18 available spots will be released on a event that you as a member might sign up to. "Först till kvarn"!

The trip will take part between the 11th to 21st of April (we will arrive back in Sweden early on Monday morning) and for the duration of the stay we will live in style:


David Olsson

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